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– Behind every great business there is a passion. – 

We are a solution based brand development agency for the purpose driven entrepreneur.

Here, the uniquely provocative innovators play the lead. Those, who plan to influence the market in a revolutionary way  & know that it is an inside job.

“Your business is a direct reflection of your personal energy dynamics. Open the valve so your personal creativity can flow in the direction of your business focus without obstruction.” – Valeriya Morosova –

Welcome to Quantum Agency, a professional space for conscious entrepreneurship.



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Valeriya is someone out of this world with an ability to tap into the quantum field of your life and connect the dots within no time. She can be so fast, that it’s best to record everything she says. Working with her is such a beautiful play, we have so much fun to get to the essence of what is needed to make marketing and communication work as a blast. She tunes in very well to your project or initiative and knows exactly what is missing. And she is able to help you break through the resistance that is holding you back if you let her!

There is truly no one in my life like her. She has a gift that people often seek and that is needed in places where creativity wants to be taken to the next level. If you need help taking your project or yourself to the next level, She will know what works for you. then just call her. once you are one of the lucky ones to dive into the field with her, there is no turning back….. from success. Can’t recommend her highly enough.

Maurice Spees


Unlike other brand advisors, Val combines the essence of the business, with the essence of the entrepreneur, and advises on how to project both together, which I found very powerful.
Every successful business is born of passion, and passion is born of your focus. If you can convey this, people will resonate with your service. Val showed me that this could be done, intentionally.
As well as these high goals, she achieved the impossible, and showed me how I could easily and quickly become powerful in an area I considered myself, completely unskilled: social media.
Nigel Atkin

Dream Boats Ibiza

After just a week’s worth of work, Quantum Agency helped me name my business, brand it, structure the content and launch! It was a wild week full of surprises, connections and progress.
Brainstorming sessions were my favourite part. Val used unusual strategies to get the heart and soul of my idea. Now I have a clear plan of action and a new look.  QA gave me direction and priceless clarity!
I can’t wait for phase 2 and I’m recommending QA to all my friends. 
Saskia Griffith