Born in the famous year of revolutions, 1989, in Russia, Valeriiya chose to write her life from a meticulously unique perspective.

Leaving her home country at 11 years old, to study abroad, she went on to recieve her education in the United Kingdom. Including her studies of International Business in Regent’s University London.

Upon her return to Moscow she persued her business career and worked on projects in major company structures.

This has lead her to be mentored by the most outstanding experts in their field.

Eventually including Spiritual Masters, specifically Drunvalo Melchizedek & Diana Beaulieu.

Currently Valeriiya is living on the Island of Ibiza & raising her beautiful daughter.Working exclusively with innovative brands & companies with high impact missions.

“Nothing makes me more excited than seeing the brilliance of an individual’s soul showcase itself through their business. This is true impact.”

– Valeriiya Morosova –